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6 Main Reason To Keep A Physical Grow Diary

Keeping a journal is an important tool for any cannabis grower. The only way to repeat your successes and to master the art of growing, it becomes incredibly invaluable during your plants growth period. It will allow you to look back on previous grow results and can help identify which plants need more attention so they can flourish with quality buds at harvest time.

  1. In the age of digital screens, it is hard to use gadgets in a garden. Digital screens are difficult to see under HID lighting (especially if you’re wearing protective lenses) and if working on your grow, you probably have grubby or sticky hands which make it more difficult to engage with touch screen interfaces. If waiting until later before entering readings causes forgetting data points that can be easily forgotten without documenting them right away - risking jumbling certain information altogether. There's no better way to keep track of your grow than with analog tools like pen and paper. You'll be able to see what you're writing in any light, jot down data quickly, and stay more observant while doing so.

  2. The benefits of documenting the past is as a grower you can look back and see what you did, why it worked or didn't work. Having this information documented in a physical journal ensures it's always available and cannot be deleted by technology like cloud storage drives or computer files which may interrupt at any time.

  3. Writing is a great way to ensure that you are not forgetting any valuable information. When we write, our brain has an easier time recognizing the content and remembering it later on down the line. It also helps us understand more about what we're writing because as soon as your hand begins forming letters, ideas start coming together in your mind too! So when you are growing and come up with ideas on how to better your grow, make sure that all of those thoughts get documented so they don't slip away like sand through fingers.

  4. A journal can help you keep track of the little details that might not be as obvious. For example, if something in your grow goes wrong it's easy to forget what exactly went wrong and when. Keeping detailed notes on seemingly normal parts of your grow are important because these factors could impact final yield and quality! It gives growers a complete picture by documenting other important factors- such as the subtleties of deficiency problems, short term anomalies or equipment failures which may affect their results. Finding a journal with templates will make filling out all those gaps simple so everything is captured clearly for later reference.

  5. Keeping a detailed log of all the traits you want to keep about your cannabis plants is never going to be something that gets boring. The sheer variety of genetics and seed types available for growers means it's impossible not to compare one grow with another, even if they are following similar processes. But having this information as reference when growing again will make sure no detail goes overlooked! You will be able to get over any hurdle before it becomes a problem (like needing higher concentrations of certain nutrients or sensitivity to pH at different phases in the grow cycle).

  6. You're always going to want privacy when growing cannabis, no matter how legal it is. Keeping your records private can seem like an impossible task if you store them on any device that's connected online or in the cloud. A physical journal will ensure security and protection of intellectual property better than anything else out there today!

Conclusion: If you want to grow healthier, happier cannabis plants that produce better quality buds at harvest time and have a more enjoyable experience growing them in the process, it's important for any pot farmer to keep track of their successes. Keeping a journal is an excellent way to do this by recording your daily or weekly results so you can identify which cultivars need extra attention during growth.

Do you already use a journal? What are some ways that keeping one has helped improve the quality of your plants?

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